Yogi Tea Story

I used to raid the Yogi Tea dumpster near my house.  They also manufacture granola/cereal--like Peace Cereal--and Wa Guru Chews.  My girlfriend and I were on one of our midnight expeditions for tea, knee deep in garbage trying to sort out the good stuff when three guys in turbans open the door to the warehouse.  It was November and we were freezing our butts off.  Our noses were running and we both had a mild cough.  We were spotted almost instantly and one of them yelled "Hey, get out of there."  My quick witted friend didn't even blink as she recited one of the Zen quotes from the tea bag.  I don't remeber what is was but is something about kindness.  She followed up with "Please, we are sick and poor and we need tea."  We went home with three garbage bags full of delicous tea and cereal that night. 
JackieZoid JackieZoid
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1 Response Feb 18, 2007

I can't believe I'm reading this - you went out in the cold at midnight, with mild coughs and runny noses to stand in a rubbish tip and gather tea and foodstuffs that a factory had discarded as unfit for sale! This sounds like serious poverty - yet now you seem to have a computer and have pictured yourself wearing a tie! Please post details of your rags-to-riches story. Your post has got my imagination working overtime. I'm glad you got your tea and cereal that night.