I Love My Grade Three Class And Believe In What I Am Doing

I sometimes say, "You might not be comfortable with what I do, but you can't argue with the results."  Australia recently published the "Myschool" website and I was delighted to see my Grade Three class rank in the top three schools in every area, and that in spite of having five children with special learning needs.

We have a special situation at our school.  Our school supports the ethos of our families and vice versa.  It is a harmonious relationship.  The children come mainly from large families and are one of the lower socio economic groups.  They are often "middle" children and their place in the classroom is very important to them.  They have an identity there that is hard to achieve at home.

We begin and end our day with prayer and we respect God, His commandments and lawful authority.  I am not the children's chum.  I have distance, but I care deeply and am very approachable, and they know it. 

We do not have behaviour or discipline problems.  The children respond most enthusiastically to everything little thing I do for them.  They are easily motivated by their success. 

My classroom is highly structured with a predictable daily routine.  The children feel secure.  I am a big believer in Homework and they have a specific weekly quota.  I mark every little piece of work they do, and they take a keen interest in their progress.  I do weekly tests too and inform the parents of the results.  So there are no surprizes.

We have a great special needs programme.  We detect problems early and have workable strategies to deal with them.  All the children make progress.

The children in my class are very caring , supportive and nurturing of one another.  It is the peace of Christ in that classroom.  I feel extremely privileged to serve these families and their children and to be trusted and respected by them in return. 

perseverer perseverer
56-60, F
Feb 16, 2010