Sheet Jobs

The more they praise it, the more you should know you're being conned. If it's so fecking wonderful, then there's no need for all the effusive fuss.
Cases in point: Public school teacher.

At least they give they give decent bonuses to the carnival seals. When's the last time they gave you some stinky fish for barking on command?
PhoebeMadeleineSheridan PhoebeMadeleineSheridan
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I don't need no stinky fish. I teach because I enjoy the job and the kids. I hope that you do too.

you should have been an astrophysicist, transitioned into a science fiction writer, then a cult leader, and ultimately you would have been promoted to profit status. you chose your profession poorly.

Bark. Bark Bark. Bark bark barkedy bark!