Well not technically but close enough. I am very selective in who I allow inside me but I have always loved showing off my p**** and teasing men. I was 16 when I started working part time at a hotel. I got kind of a lot of attention from the occupants as you would imagine(most of them were older business men away on business. One in particular showed a great deal of attention. The first time he caught me off guard. It was after my shift and I went to the exercise rom. It was a small room with three machines and a wall length mirror in front of me and a wall length window to the laundry room( horrible set up) I was a very well endowed 16 year old girl and I was self conscious bc I was wearing a sports bra which showed my t*** not inky jiggle while I was running. I also had cloth booty shorts on. So I kept glancing in the mirror every few minutes to make sure no one has gone into the laundry room. I felt someone looking at me and I looked in the mirror a guest (mark) was standing about 4 ft away from me separated by a window. It made me uncomfortable bc I was sweaty and if you looked close enough when I took a big step you could see a little bit of my p***y. He glanced away and began laundry. I chalked it up to I had surprised him. Then he began meeting me in the lobby at the end of my shift while waiting for my ride. He would say hey I'm about to cook dinner would you want some just things innocent like that. Then he requested I clean his room at a specific time everyday. He began showing up at this time. After the first few times he would sit at the table and say don't mind me while watching me the whole time. Sometimes he would accidentally brush against me the last time was the day before he was going to check out. This time when I walked in there was **** everywhere magazines 'teen dream' on the desk young girl movies all over the bed. he went to go past me and his incredibly large b**** hit me against the leg. Instead of continuing past me he stopped and looked down at me I looked up at him frozen to the spot. He said I looked at all these little girls and none of them turn me on as much as you do. I blushed and felt pretty good about myself. Then got nervous he said do you want to feel what you do to me? I chocked out yes. He took my hand and placed it on the big hard lump in his pants. I said wow. He said do I do anything to you? I said yes. He said can I see? I said yes he said how about right there? ( pointing to the bed) I climbed up and unzipped my pants and pulled them and my undies down to my knees. He said wow I have the same effect on you, you don't know how happy that makes me. He said can I touch yours? I nodded and he pulled my garments off he pulled his engorged d*** out of his zipper. He said can I rub it a little? I said okay. He began rubbing his finger up and down my p**** crack. He spread my l*** with his thumb and for finger to reveal my tight wet hole. He wiggled his finger inside. He said so you mind as he moved his lips closer to my little lips. I didn't know what was going to happen but he started sliding his younger all over my soft little p****. He said omg and strok*d his d*ck really fast my legs started to quiver and he held them open until I stopped. Then he got on his knees and c*** all over my s*it. He was the best guest ever
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Hot story!

He should be locked up

great story, i would love to take it to the next level

I dearly love **** teasing sweathearts like you. Sometimes a good case of blueball is worth it.

Such a perfect naughty girl.

Would you add me sweetie?