My Wife Likes Teasing Young Guys.

It’s a hot day, You put on an orange skimpy little thong bikini, you know I’m getting off work at 3 today, so you want to surprise me with your sexy curvaceous body, your home alone and the only other person that could possibly see you is the young guy from next door he just turned 18 too, he was at home alone you knew this because he helped you put the sliding door back on track earlier today. What a strong and good looking young stud he was.

You asked him what he was doing earlier, he told you nothing really just a school project but he doesn’t feel like doing it. So you then asked him why don’t you go out to the beach or something? He told you that his parents aren’t home to take him and he’s home alone.
You told him that you could take him or he could chill with you if he wanted too.

He told you that he needed to finish the school project today, so you asked him what project he’s doing? He said shyly, well it’s kind of like a phycology project about human nature. You then asked him to tell you more.

He said well I need to write about why the opposite sexes attract each other, and what specific attractions take place between two individuals male and female to bring them to a point where they start dating and then eventually start you know kissing and then having sex.

But mainly what the attraction is between the two, and how they go about attracting each other.
You smile at him and say if you need some help with that I will be right next door probably tanning in a tight little bikini or something, he says thanks, and walks off.
He left about 30 min ago, your in your bikini tanning on your pool lounger. You knew he would eventually come back, you wore your skimpiest bikini, and you were so wet for him. He jumped over the wall, and asked you if he could come over, you signaled for him to come. As he got closer he said oh Mrs Thorn you look so hot in that bikini, your nipples where hard at the site of his growing **** in his pants. You pulled on one of your bikini straps and asked in a seductive voice, would this mean you need help with your project?

He said hesitantly, yes please Mrs Thorn, you then said well it looks like your attracted to me. He tried to cover his ****, you said its ok its natural, its just a pity im married hey? But there's no harm in looking. You turn onto all fours and asked him to rub some oil on your back.

His **** was about to rip through his shorts. You could feel the sun on your tight little *******, he rubbed your back, up your legs and your outer thighs, you told him to rub some on you *** cheeks and your inner thighs as you spread your legs for him so he could reach every inch.

You felt his strong hands slide over you *** cheeks fingers sliding lightly over your hole. You took his hand away and asked him if he likes what he sees? He said yes, you told him this is attraction then isn’t it? He smiled and said yes it is Mrs Thorn, you said good your learning, you moved his hands back and said where there is skin exposed I want oil. He continued to rub and spread the oil all over you as you undid your bikini top.

Your nipples where hard and ***** was so wet, He started rubbing slowly over your *** hole, you let out a small moan of acceptance he slid a finger slowly into your tight ***. You where now laying on your stomach, enjoying your treat, you pull your bikini to one side showing off your divine pleasure holes for him to enjoy the view more.

After him fingering and licking your hot *** and ***** for a minute. You stood up took his fresh young hard **** out of his pants, you showed off your sexy **** and played with his manly **** whilst he rubbed oil all over your ****.

You laid back down on your back rubbing your precious nipples whilst he fingered your *****, You where leaking your lady *** all over his hand. You asked him if he feels attracted to you? He said yes.

You said good boy, now lick my ***** baby. You pushed his head between your legs and he munched your sticky wet warm hole for a few minutes like a pro. MmMM you moaned and let him **** your tight ***** hole, he didn't last very long, you pulled his pelvis against yours when he tried to pull out and told him if your attracted to me you must *** inside my ***** baby. and thats exactly what he did.

You gave him a kiss and told him to run along before I came home.

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Great story

That would be hot to see the wife seduce the neighbor! Very cool!

Wow, that was hot. I would love for my wife to do something like that.

She didn't really do it man but i would love it too.