My internet explorer has gone so winky tiny on me that I can barely read it! How do it put it back to 'normal'?
fishsweeper fishsweeper
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1 Response May 25, 2012

Ummm hopefully its like firefox where holding down ctrl and pressing the + or - size makes it bigger or smaller. if that doesnt cut it you may have to fiddle with desktop resolution by right clicking > personalise on a blank spot on your desktop wallpaper. its obviously preferable to keep that at maximum resolution to keep as much detail on your monitor as possible. you could also play with DPI font size on your desktop but ive found some apps words get chopped when you do this as they werent designed to cope with it. if you mean the size of the actual explorer window its in just hover on a side or bottom edge untill you see two arrows and then click and pull larger or smaller

I'm going tosave your respnsse and read it tomorow, when I can se it better!... Thanks!