I'm Telling Ya It's The Key!

As long as we avoid blocking the process with our greed I believe technology can bring humanity a long way forward. When you build a robot it's like building a human (or part of a human in some cases), we are about to stumble upon technology so advanced that we will be able to make robots intelligent and functional enough to work in a lot of our jobs and positions.


Imagine having your own personal robot doing all the manual labour in your job, and if your boss requests something special you could control it remotely. It would change the meaning of employment, and I think it will begin to within the lifetime of this generation. However, if it's going to be an improvement for all we're going to have to learn to curb our greed. Some people will try to control all the technology etc so that they can have greater gains, we can counter this by making knowledge of how to build robots freely available. Heck, all education by that point should be freely available. Knowledge is power, people are getting screwed by evil bastards every day all because they don't know any better. If we made education, no, all knowledge free through the power of technology we could pull together and garner some really cool technological solutions to our difficulties. If all the workers in the world were replaced by robots we'd have the time to concentrate on the more important philosophical problems of our day, like our laws, land disputes, terrorism, food shortages, our serious population overload, how to manipulate physics to our advantage, etc.


We'd have the time to improve humanity, not just our lifestyles. The inventions are already there, if we could just forget about the stupid money and donate these technologies with no care for profit or copyright we could really make a difference. Who cares about money in a world where everyone has all of their basic human needs met properly and is aware of the significance of this fact?  

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God, civilization is so gay like that. Thanks for the thumbs up. Glad someone gets it.

In my job I do A LOT of remote control and I have often thought in cases where I actually have to travel to the office or work site to preform a 10 minute task (like plug something in or swap a drive) how cool it would be to be able to have a robot preform the action for me. also sometimes walking a person who is on site through what needs to be done is not the best option as most of us learn the hard way. So I love most of what your saying!<br />
<br />
The problem is people don't really care about money or wealth, they care about power, control, fame and glory. Money is the means to this for them and without money they would feel like their existence is compromised. It is a very pathetic way to think. None of this will happen until we as a civilization reach some form of enlightenment I do think technology can help us along the way but at the same time its a double edge sword and can hurt us.

Like in the movie (can't remember the name) I believe one day robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet will merge into a technology where people control alter egos remotely.