Shady Lady Tells All

I was brought up with a hippie family and not just my parents but extended to friends all over bay . I was used to being around alot of SF concerts, outside street parties,LGBT parades and any function that included alot of old hippie types in the 80's that had
music and food and grunged out kids trying to find out parents who were there but then people woud help. This led me to gay parades and house parties that were underground and had steps to even get to them, know the number and call when a hotline opened then go to a spot where you got directions. Not always were
you going to find something cool because it could be places you didn't like, as in the
noodle factory in oakland that had one bathroom and people smoking toxic crap
you kinda get there and roll The dice when your arrived. This is late 90's so I tried
to find a niche and go to them all to find what I liked when your young everything is
a yes. Home base was thousands of people in 3 warehouses and soon that was too big and
crazy for me so I turn more local to dj's of friends and throughout the years still am around
and see the same people I remember, some were little kids, teens raging and now all of 37 I feel old but still find myself getting excited by the phonecalls from friends about how hot and fun this new one is plus it makes me feel conected to groups of people I ony see there and miss.All and all I feel like it makes me feel good to be there still and also to protect the ideals I have about safety and being a party person with limits and respect and making that known while I stil have a good time myself listening to the music I love. Umch Umch Umch
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Jan 16, 2013