Aquatic Apes

Recently, as in today, I was watching a ted talks video where Elaine Morgan supports the aquatic theory, which is a theory that explains why humans are so physically diffrent from our primate relatives. her points have to do with our bipedalism, nakedness, and ability to speak

bipedal- Primates have the ability to walk on two legs but usually don't choose to. The only time a primate always walks on two legs is when wading through water.

nakedness- All land mammals without body hair have had mostly hairless, aquatic ancestors. The human body is also much more streamlined than our primate relatives for swimming.

speak--The reason that other primates such as apes cant even say "ah" is that they lack the conscience control of breath that seadiving birds, swimming mammals such as dolphins, and humans have.

I just thought this was intriguing, especially since I have never heard of the aquatic theory until today. I have watched many other tedtalks videos, some completely unrelated to evolution, and enjoyed all of them.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

I became obsessed with the aquatic ape hypothesis since this TedTalk, I'm currently working my way through Elaine Morgan's book. I have never encountered such an out-there theory before that makes so much sense, it just works