I Have Always Wanted a Vermont Teddy Bear....

Ever since I was little I have wanted a Vermont Teddy bear. They are so cute with the little outfits they are dressed in. I always check out the website for new additions and always find something really cute !! They are a little pricey though~

I was listening to a radio show this morning where the announcer was giving tips to men on what to get for women for Valentines day. The men were calling in asking all kinds of questions like what do I dress them in (they already come dressed)....it was really kind of funny. Check out their website....aren't they cute ? 

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13 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I've always wanted one too! They're absolutely adorable :)

Oh! Vermont teddy bears! I would LOVE one...My perfect boyfriend will get me a Vermont Teddy bear...LOL

Agreed AC...very soft and fluffy with a big PINK bow!! :)

It has to be really soft & fluffy, like a snow flake; yet warm, & cuddly enough to give the best hugs a stuffy can give!

That sounds like alot of fun!

I really think we should! You should be the one though, to design it! ~ definitely! Snowy!<br />
<br />

Maybe you can request that they make a snowbunny bear AC :).

I think it would be absolutely cool if two people both got one for each other, without knowing it! Kismet for sure!<br />
HMMM....we'll have to get them to make a snowbunny bear! LOL

I'm sure I will too :)

All1rog- I did get two for Valentines day....now I gotta figure out who they are from ;)

SantanaRex- Dont you just love how they make you feel....when you need a smile or a hug. They are always there and never let you down :)

i love stuffed animals too! I have a story about Rudie I will have to post some day - its long though ....

Thanks Angel!! I have never had one of the Vermont teddy bears but I love all stuffed animals... :)