Teddy Scares

I love Teddy Scares. My husband got me the first one for Christmas: Hestor Golem. The second was for my b-day: Edwin Morose. The third and fourth I got from the 2006 Comic Con and are from Series 2: Mundy Grunge and Sheldon Grogg. I also got a mini TS from series 1 - Rita Morose. I know its a materialistic weirdo thing for a 30 something to be collecting Goth-like teddy bears. I just feel like this was the freakin' answer to my childhood (or at least the teenage years).
anyway check out their site teddyscares.com
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

Nothing wrong with that sweetie. I am 33 and I collect comics and collectibles from movies. I am still a kid at heart. Its good to stay that way. Im with you all the way.