I Love Teen Girl Panties :)

im 18 now and she is 16, when i was this girl named katie B. she would loveeee to wear tank tops and shorts, she was a sight to seee to all the guys and black boys in my school :) m mmmm. she loveddd those tiny shorts, and she sort of sagged a lil but i never really noticed till one day she was over my house, and she was in these teeny tiny short jean shorts. They werent to tight on her so i was able to see down them and that day was when i was hooked onto girls bras and panties. she fell asleep on me in a mosition tht allowed me to see right up her tiny shorts leg and down her waist. her panties were sooo cute!!! they were white and light grey striped from left to right, and had a shiny glittery tiny bow on the top of them. so i told her the new rule was she had to wear those shorts when ever i saw her. so from then on, i saw some of the cutest panties and i never told her :). she had on the ones i mentioned, some nice soft cotton pink ones with a bow, she had a beautiful pair tht were light blue and white striped like a sailors "outfit" and another pair with light light blue back ground and dark blue puppies on them mmmm. thank you katie you got me hooked on panties and how they look and feel to my eyes and fingers :) <3

any comments or questions will be answered or responded too :) thank you for reading!!!
connor456 connor456
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Love up short pantie peeks as much as up skirt