A Very Personel Story....

The other day my friend was singing the song "Do you know the muffin man the muffin man, do you know the muffin man, who lives on drooly lane!"

I felt upset by his singing, so he asks what's wrong.

So I go to tell him what happened to me last night.

I have been dating this very hot girl that I met in the bakery. She has said she was single and I believed her. Whoa is me. One day we walking and everyone kept staring at us, I knew what they were thinking. "Humans, and blueberry muffins shouldn't date." They were all wrong, they didn't know our love was very strong.

One night I was at her house, and she was ready to have sex. I pulled off her muffin wrapping, and proceeded. I began riding her, sucking on her lucious blue berries, shaking her whole cake pan. Then I had the pastry, heels over her head. I just kept on going deep in her ***** made of nice warm muffin, covered in frosting, that just kept on growing. Then I pulled out my stuff, I had blue balls.

It seemed to be a great evening, I was about to go down on her, when her boyfriend walked in....

He was a brand muffin, looking very strong. He had a lot of scars and burns all over with, he was one muffin you wouldn't want to **** off. And here I was cooking his muffin girlfriend. I knew I was dead, I knew he was going to kick my *** with his strong muffin arms. The love off my life screamed.

"Oh Darrel, he means nothing... I only love you." Wow what a ***** muffin... what a Mitch.

Then the weirdest thing happened, the brand muffin took off his shirt and asked if he could join. That night I was raped by a muffin.... I haven't been able to eat a muffin since.

"Dude wtf is wrong with you?"

"Shut up man, screw you."

"So was he good?"

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OMG...That was good...hilarious visuals! :-D