I Worked So Hard, Pointlessly Hard

 I love tennis, I always have but days like today make me wander why. I'm captain of my high school team and for the past 6 years I have worked for so hard for this weekend. Team Regionals. I've been to private lessons, stayed after practice to hit, bled and sweat cried and hit. It never once occured to me that my team didn't feel quite the same. Every year our team doesn't even get close to state, but this year it was supposed to be different. It was my year. We walked onto the court confident, but I was the only one determined. We made it the farthest that andrews ever has, unfortunately that put us at third place. I think my heart literally broke. The rest of my team didn't even seem to care. Every single one of them was satisfied, but me. I feel like everything I've worked for is just over. 

Marinegirl13 Marinegirl13
Mar 28, 2009