I went to Texas and stayed in Amarillo on my road trip of the USA this past summer. It was wonderful! I fell in love with it! I also have a love for Tennessee, so it's hard trying to chose a place where I want to move. Currently I live in Maryland. Blech. Hate northerner states. But Texas, gee I love it. Love all y'all texans. :) you guys are lucky for living in such a wonderful state!
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I am originally from Chicago now I split between Nashville TN and Atlanta GA

They're both big cities but I guess that's what you're used to... Atlanta is very ghetto lol go with Nashville. Great vibe there

How long did you stay there for?

I stayed in Amarillo one night :( I wanted to stay longer but my schedule for driving was off, I was driving an average of 8 hours a day for 2 weeks. Too crazy, I wanted to get back home.

Yeah lol i love it but before Texas I had already driven about 63 hours (I went on 70 to explore the USA) I want to take a trip soon just for Texas

Yeah my goal is to visit every state :)