I Miss My Text Buddy...

Last month I broke my record of 6,000 incoming and outgoing texts in a month, I smashed the record. I sent and received 11,000 text in the month of July.

I mainly communicate by text message and July is my birthday month, I got a lot shine in July.

Best part was I ran in to a handsome guy who loved to text as much as me. We would text all day long. Never to meet, but we developed a close emotional relationship quickly. I told him all my secrets, even the devastating ones. My text buddy is gone now. I have not started to look for a new text buddy.

I loved having a text buddy. Every time I looked at my phone there would be a new message from him. We would text from 11am till 11pm non stop everyday. Even when I was laying next to my BF, I would be texting away...

Now that I have no text buddy. I see the world differently. Meaning I see it at all! My face is not buried in my phone all day long. I can cross the street by myself again and I watch people when they are preparing my fast food in the back. My extreme text habit had taken over my life.

I wanted it to take over my life, I thought texting my life away was the perfect little harmless getaway from everyday life. I was wrong! This month is August and I am unplugging from my phone part of the day and I sleep with my phone outside of the bedroom. I feel the pangs of loneliness at times but I feel better off for it!

Update 11/18/12

Yay!  I am totally over my phone addiction,  I am so much happier!  I go long periods of time with out looking at my phone, feels good not to be a slave to messages, phone calls and notifications.  Now I need to go pick up a real book, smh.
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Text me! 9145341319! I love texting new people (::

Great idea so much of life is missed because I'm staring at my phone. I usually sleep with my phone off

love the story beautiful!!! That's a lot of text girl!! who ever that guy is he's a very lucky man!! but I hope to be texting you again really soon!! so look out for me!!

Your still my text friend Ren, I like your enthusiasm!