I used to love texting. Because I used to always have someone to text. I used to be the person who was texting 20+ people at once. My phone was always buzzing. But now, no one ever texts me. Because I put all of my time into my best friend and this guy that I liked. Then the guy got with someone else so now I don't have him to talk to and my best friend has early classes do we dont text much. But even though no one texts me, I still prefer it over calling any day. I hate talking on the phone. For some reason it makes me super uncomfortable. So texting is kind of a life savor. Lol.
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2 Responses Sep 3, 2012

Yeah i think thats pretty normal after high school. It was tough to get used to.

this story is very similar to what i have been through. texting is great though :)

l thing so too