Fast, Quick and a Great Way to Pass the Time

What I love about text messaging is how convenient it is.  For example, it gives me the chance to send a message to a friend about any random topic.  This way my friend will either remind me to talk to her about it later or we can chat then if him later.  Also, texting has helped me pass the time while waiting in Dr. offices or on the train.  Its a great way for me to "talk" to people whenver I want. 
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2007

The advantage is that we do have it on record and verify appointments etc too.

I love text messaging too,because it is simple to express my feeling by text than speech and it is important to comunicate at any time.

I agree, I love texting…my parents just can’t see what’s in it. I love music, so now I can text to and get the updates of my bands on my phone, not sitting at a computer. I love their site. Beats sitting at home and getting yelled at for being at the computer too long.