Ahhh the ease of texting with no finger nails 😍😍 it's so smooth & fluent - I feel like the Flash, except in terms of texting XD As a guy, I cut my nails, but damn my experience with trying to text with finger nails is horrible. It feels like as I text, I'm leaving scratched on my screen. it's so scary 😆 I wonder how girls find texting with such long finger nails! 😬😬 lol
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I actually hate using my phone for a few days after cutting my nails, I lose a sense of balance.

😄. Practice, that's probably it. Lol


Ikr! I don't get how a lot of girls like long nails. Frankly, what if you hit the long nail with the door. *cue chalkboard screech*. Yikes, I wonder myself sometimes. XD

OMG I hate that. I can't even imagine that.

I don't like my finger nails that long

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