I feel like I lose most of my shyness when not face to face. I like love texting. I feel connected with people and I don't have to be as awkward and I can be random and silly right away. I miss texting
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I'm like that too.

I feel the same way, I am so shy. But texting I can be myself, and that helps me be able to be myself in person.

exactly! i like unleashing my randomness and not caring about anyone else haha

Yes! :D I become awesome...awesomer...

so awesome lesser mortal beings cannot comprehend O_o

Awesomer than all the awesome people that think they might be awesome, but no one lives up to my awesome. Just ask my awesome friends :D

*mind explodes into a million pieces*

Dear lord! -melts your brain back into a blob of brain with my awesome aura- I hope I didnt just turn you into a mindless zombie...

must....feeeeeeeeed....*bites fire hydrant*

-strokes your arm from a distance- I am so sorry that my awesome is over 9000

ok you just became the coolest person i've ever known

-is currently watching Dragon Ball- I am pretty cool. ^-^ I blame my awesome friend for making me watch. I am addicted.

me too! i got into martial arts because of the z fighters!

Im waiting for the trip meter in my car to reach 9001 so i can say its over 9000. Look! we just became awesome buddies.

GASPNESS OF SURPRISE! your car must be fairly newish. I've been binge watching segments of db and dbz lateley

Noo its not. It has tons of miles on it. Just reads low.

And i started from the begining 2 days ago. Im on...season 4?

i have to admit i never legit watched all of dragonball. i plan to though. i saw every episode of dbz, gt (ugh), and super so far.

Start it! Do it! I love it :)

I shall! i want to do it all in one epic amazing marathon but that's hard with my stupid work schedule. like i want no contact to the outer world except for the pizza delivery guy for the entire marathon

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