I especially love getting texts that bring fear
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Fear in what manner?

Fear like someone has been watching me and ready to take advantage of me

So something like a text that says what you are wearing, your location, and that you are turning me on...would that be the type?

And maybe that u have plans for me

So i am thinking watching you all day sending texts about your clothes and how much you are turning me on and how often I have jacked off watching you would be a good start...followed by the text saying I am at your house and have decided I should make you feel as good as I have watching you....

Or that u plan to take me hostage

I was just reading your groups...getting a text that days I am waiting on you...I will abduct you and use you as my toy...be aware of your surroundings because I know where you are but you don't know where or who I am....

Exactly. 5022342340

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