Thinking About Going Back Next Summer!

I was actually raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand before my parents flew me back into the states. It wasn't hard coping at all since I came back in elementary school, plus kids are mean everywhere! What I miss the most about the country is its topography, city life, food, and most importantly, my family. My grandparents currently reside in the province of Khon Kaen in a small village called Bahn Nong Daeng. The rest of my family lives in a neighboring town called Chumpae.

Last time I went out there was in the summer of 2012. That trip was more of a vacation since my parents and I only stayed with my grandparents for a short amount of time. The rest of it was spent traveling through the mountains and then south to Ko Samet, which is a beautiful island. I don't regret any of it, but I wish I could have stayed with my grandparents for a while longer.
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1 Response Oct 9, 2013