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So we all love the part where we starve ourselves all day and then inhale as much as we can until we want to puke. Well this year my dear sister became a freak... ok maybe that is too harsh as I'm a child of the 80's that had a Cyndi Lauper hair cut but she is out of control. Because of here we no longer call it thanksgiving because then we'd be celebrating pilgrims raping Indians and **** like that. Then of course she yells about the paper plates we are using and how many trees that I killed, how the turnkey should have lived, etc. I love thanksgiving just NOT with my family. :) I'll be cooking this year and no one but my household is invited!!
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5 Responses Jun 24, 2007

H-m-m-m- They still pout about a few convicts kickin their Brit Butts! hahahaha<br />
Stalking you?, Clank clank, clank h-m-m-m-m-m However did she hear me coming. Guess I know why no Turkey sandwiches at your house. hu-u-u-mph!<br />
Sis sounds like a fun Date. next year find a turkey farm for her to picket hehehe

Had pork you PIG! GGRRR!!

And here was me regretting that we don't celebrate Turkey Day! LOL

MM what are you doing following me? Stalker!

Hu-u-u-u-ph!<br />
grouch,<br />
;-)<br />