Thanksgiving - Fall + Food

Fall is my favourite season by far, and that is 1/2 the reason I love Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada so ours is timed only a little differently).

I love the leaves, the way the air smells crisp, and it brings back memories of heading back to school - memories that are welcome now that I'm part of the workforce... Fall really can do no wrong for me, and my birthday is in the Fall as well.

Okay I'm done chattering about that 1/2 - I just love Fall!

The other 1/2 of the reason I love Thanksgiving is because I get to see my family and eat a wicked, wicked meal. My mom is the most AMAZING cook ever. Her turkey and gravy is to die for. She makes a pumpkin icecream ginger crumb dessert that is TO DIE FOR. I always mash the potatoes, that is always my job every Thanksgiving (and Christmas), and as much as I used to whine about it in the past, I now like to do it and be in the kitchen while Mom is finishing off the meal. And to sit around and enjoy all that amazing food with my family is the biggest blessing I know.

I love my family to pieces and Thanksgiving gives me time to go home and relax with the people I love during my favourite season of the year.

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2 Responses Jul 29, 2009

Hi wildernessgirl!<br />
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It's funny to me that I never thought about Thanksgiving as being like another Christmas, but when I read your comment, I was like "YES! That's EXACTLY what it's like for me!" It truly feels like two Christmases.<br />
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Christmas in July to a Canadian makes us think of cheesy furniture store sale advertisements, because the only Christmas in July we know is a big sale season at stores where they slash prices and call the sale "Christmas in July" (I think because we're in Canada and it's pretty cold most of the year we don't want to think about Christmas in July! We're trying to enjoy the short burst of decent weather we have in our summertime) but I have a couple Aussie friends and I understand it's also kind of like a second Christmas, right? - A big celebration over in Australia? That's so much fun! <br />
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Thanks again for commenting, I learned a little something about how I see Thanksgiving through your comment!

You make thanksgiving sound so wonderful. It must be like having two Christmases- something we all miss out on in Australia. Perhaps this is why so many are enthusiastic about gathering for Christmas in July.