Overdid It

I really overdid it tonight. I had popcorn and chocolates as a snack before dinner. Then cheese and wine before dinner. I thought dinner would be fine, but I kept eating the chili and rice and cheese until I couldn't any more. We finished the wine during dinner. My BF brought up to drumsticks for my dessert while he ate one. I'm sitting at my computer so stuffed that I can't lean forward the least little bit. I'm gonna go to bed soon because sitting up in uncomfortable as swollen as I am. --HXTP
hxtp hxtp
66-70, M
4 Responses Jan 17, 2012

Keep stuffing your huge gut! :)

I plan to, even though that BF has left.

wow that is so hot... You should do that every day... not just on holidays eh? Do you lay down and relax and then get a big ole belly rub?

That's awesome! Sounds like me after my trip to the buffet last week!

Sounds wonderful... how about getting a happy snap to share with us? :-)

Click on my avatar for pics!