A Random Meeting

Met this most amazing women last night at a female friends house, I usually dont hold much that one can get a bolt of lightning through your body at first glance but now I stand corrected, I have completly gone gaga over this women, how can anyone fall completly in love in such a short space of time.
We spent the evening drinking superb wine and the 3 of us had fantastic conversation eventually leading to erotic and completly open thoughts and fantasies, we had consumed much wine so it all flowed nicely, my new and old friend kissed.
Cut a long story short, my new friend and I ended up in bed and spent the next 6 hours talking, touching, exploring and the most amazing sex I have ever known, that was our 1 night together, I doubt it will ever happen again as she is married, (I know I do feel a bit bad about that). Wine aside I think we are both a bit shocked that we connected so strongly so quickly our minds were like a clone of each others that I dont really know how that can happen, I always thought it was made up out of someones imagination but I am here to say it can happen that really really deep bond that came from no where. Our thoughts and fantasies were so aligned on every level and we even crossed a few of them of our bucket lists, this women has the most amazing humble personality, what a beautiful, open, intelligent, sexy, female she is, I guess what I am wanting to say now I do believe it all goes to prove that the mind is the most erotic sex toy there is, and how conversation is can be the absolute best turn on, which leads to that longing look in each others eyes.....................for me it is the sexiest thing, you know at that very instant its going to happen without a doubt we shared that look where one doesnt even know any more the world exists, we shared that look for what seemed like an eternity and even now thinking about it and remembering the look in her big crystal clear green eyes.....ooooh a chill goes up my spine
To finish (if anyone is reading this that is lol) I feel very empty today, she has gone and flying to the other side of the world tomorrow, this very sick feeling I have and the raindrops from my eyes are consuming my very being right now and I know I have to pull myself together and take the night for what is was, a beautiful 1 off random spontaneous moment of love we shared I will never never forget and I hope she wont.
To my new friend I Love You unconditionally and so much is hurting
To any EP friends Thanx for listening
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

At least you guys had that one beautiful moment together.

I totally understand and have that connection with my love, the world stops for just a minute and it is just the two of you in that moment. That person will have your heart forever.