They're My Boys

I love my kids so much!
And when I say "my kids" I don't just mean the two that I gave birth to although I certainly mean them! But I mean the sons of my body as well as the sons of my heart, many of K & T's friends; all in all, I am emotionally a Mother to (conservatively) eight young men all between the ages of 18 and 25. Yeah, they eat a lot and make a big fat mess everywhere they go (sometimes their trails are more ingenious and baffling than the wreckage that follows a city-wide parade) but I'll trade the mess and 100% full house with chronically empty fridge and full dishwasher for their love and support of me any day of the week, make no mistake. 
For the last eleven days as of today) I have been SO sad! Crying on and off, the whole nine yards. I normally just lay in my bed and cry softly while holding Bebe (the chihuahua) or go take a long shower and just cry in there since I can cry freely without someone asking "are you ok?". 
So later in the evening, I was letting T. use my computer upstairs and I went downstairs and watched TV with A and L. They did so much to cheer me up... "What do you want to watch, Mrs. Mom?" while handing me the remote..."Have you ever seen Blue Mountain State?" and finding a particularly ridiculous and vulgar but hilarious episode to show me. These guys actually had me laughing tonight! It felt wonderful, the heartache faded to the background a little bit and I got to laugh. 
Those boys are literal lifesavers. So what? Come on! Empty the refrigerator, leave a trail of mess everywhere you go and please, boys, dirty up those dishes. You keep my heart beating and I love you for it all. 
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*big hugs*
do you like coffee?
hot chocolate?
green tea?

Here's a cup.......sit on the sofa and let's trade funny stories...............

Sounds good; coffee for me, please.
Thank you! And you know? I'm crazy enough to hope and pray that my Dom and I will reconcile. I could wait for him forever; he is worth waiting for.

And please, pass the Kleenex...

---- passing kleenex ----- as I wipe my nose..........
Dang so sorry
Here..........have a little cream for your coffee.....

Yes..........reconcilation for you and new discovery for me.......
lets talk about our MOST EROTIC experience!

Yes, guys.........we girls trade stories too............

as you were saying???????? He tied you up and did WHAT?!?!?!

Thank you for the Kleenex...
the erotic stories will have to wait a while, lass (sorry).