I Love My Nude Wife

Last year I was woken up from a sound sleep by my cellphone ringing. I saw it was my wife and thought she was downstairs and didn't feel well or something like that.

I asked if she was OK, and she said that she was fine and that she was just out for a drive around the neighborhood. It was about 2:45 am, so I was wondering what was going on. She asked me to go outside, so I got up and waited out on the front lawn. She said she would be right back.

I saw the lights turn the corner, but as she got closer, she slowly passed right by the house. The interior lights were on, she looked right at me and smiled, and clear as day, there she was, nude. I was shocked, pleased, and the chubby was growing fast, fast, fast.

As she drove off, she said she woke up really horny and the thought just popped into her head to take off her clothes and drive around the neighborhood. She got up, put on her robe, got in the car, opened and draped her robe on the seat under and behind her, and drove off nude. She said she had been driving around for a little while but had the lights off. She wasn't sure if she wanted to call me, or just tell me the following night, but she was getting pretty wet by then so she decided to call me.

She told me what she saw while she was driving. Of course I told her to please do that again whenever she likes. She has, more than a few times. She came home and we spent the rest of the night screwing like bunnies.

After she told me about not being sure about calling me or not, I told her I would be very happy if she was out nude while I was asleep and have her tell me about it later... She called me the next day while I was at the office.

Sometimes she calls and sometimes she doesn't. But when she has called, she'll tell me if there are people out or other cars on the road. Once, she told me the neighbor next door passed her on the street head on. She saw him but didn't think he saw her. A couple of times she's gotten out on the main street, a four lane road (but not for long). It is a main road but not like in the city, late at night very few cars are on it.

A couple of times she has asked me to head outside because I know she'll be driving by the house. One night she asked me to wait by a tree in the front yard, she said the interior lights would be off. Then she said something to me that has never mentioned before... She wanted me to be nude, "...so I can could watch you when I go by. Oh, and I would really like to see you ******* off, too.

WOW. That was a first. Of course, I was a little nervous about that, but I figured that if my wife could take it upon herself to go out for a nude drive on her own, who am I to complain? What an experience!

I tried to ****** as she was driving by the first time but, to my disappointment, there was a bit of delay. I have gotten better timing since then. It could also be because the second time, she pulled up in front of the house, stopped and waited until I finished. Now, I can shoot my load as she's going by.

If I know she's driving and I go outside to watch her drive by, I will head back into the house and wait for her to get back. Sometimes she comes right back, other times she takes her time and I wonder what she is doing out there. She pulls into the driveway and, depending on her mood, she'll either put her robe on or walk from the car to the house nude. I can't see the driveway from the window, so I have to wait in dripping anticipation to see if she is nude as she rounds the corner. There are a whole lot of ways we play this out, later I'll write about more driving experiences.
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I likes to drive and my wife naked at passanger seat.

What a deliciously naughty Wifey, I love reading about her...