Bending Over...such A Tease Pt.1

Hey all, so Dawn and I have been trying to decide exactly what we should do next, something new, not too extreme, but something fresh for the new year. We both decided it had to be at her job, because it's more dangerous that way. She decided that wearing the black sundress, was the obvious solution to our problems, so we went with that.

Monday morning, sunny outside, a little chilly, but no need for pants or a sweater, perfect weather if you will for our new plan. As we arrive at her job, I get out and go to the cafe next door as she goes in the back and clocks in. Now first, before I get started hi, I'm Damien a 23 year old lucky bastard from Texas. Dawn is my 29 year old fiance and girlfriend of several years, whom I share many, many fantasies with. To describe her briefly if you haven't seen her in my pics, she has creamy white skin, a cute smile, 36 C's, a big fat booty, thick thighs and sexy legs. Some might say ALL woman, some too much, to me just right. She loves to be seen, touched, and fondled, mostly because it gets me off, but she's a ***** when she wants to be :P.

The dress she's wearing has spaghetti straps, that love to slide down her arms, the bottom of it, stops just above the bottom of her ***, so you get a peek at her cheeks. The neck line dips down so you see ample cleavage, and she never, EVER, wears a bra. Panties are situational, but in this case, nada.
So as I take a seat in the cafe next door to the book store she works at, the glass wall is perfect for my voyeurism. She goes into the back says her hellos, clocks in and comes back out. As she's walking her boobs are bouncing vigorously and her *** keeps peeking out completely with every other step. From either side, it was a wonderful sight, as she came out of the back, one of the morning guys that assists with stocking the shelves sees her, of course he smiles, but leaves it at that. Disappointed at the results of her tease, she felt she needed to take it a step further.

Her manager then suggested she start to assist with the stocking, she happily obliged and went to the isle he was on. From opposite ends they were on their knees, her side to him, stocking the shelves.
While on her knees, she was out of my view, so I decided to have a closer look. I got up and walked inside, roaming around, I found a pretty good spot, I was completely obvious, but luckily behind him, and he never turned around. Dawn of course could see me, and played it off very well, that I wasn't there. As Dawn moved closer to his end, she was on all fours, this caused her dress to hang down around the neck line, both of her **** were completely visible, as they hanged there lusciously, I can only imagine what he was thinking being only 6 feet or so from her.

He proceeded to say "Woah, now you're showing me your boobs huh?" They both kind of giggled, he got closer and asked if he could touch one, she said "Sure, why not". He reached out, and instead of grabbing one, he pulled both the straps of her dress down, and pulled them down and off her arms. She was now topless from the waist up. He then grabbed her right one with his right hand, and pinched her left nipple with his left hand. She bit her bottom lip sexy, and proceeded to moan very low though. He then motioned her body forward, to once again get on all fours, as she bent over, he lifted up the bottom of her dress over her ***, not too high up her back, but enough to expose her entire ***. Instead of gripping it, or slapping it, he wasted no time, he immediately went lower and started to rub her *****.

She said, he immediately went for her ****, and had her locked in that position from that point on. He wasn't gentle, he rubbed her fast, she was already wet, but this made it so much more better. The faster he rubbed, the more wet she got, you could hear it from where I stood. Getting hard from the sound, I decided to walk it off, more and more customers were starting to enter the store. I walked around for a little and came back to them still in the same position, him still at the same tempo, but he wasn't rubbing anymore, he had 2 fingers in her and finger ****** her as hard as he could. Dawn's boobs were bouncing out of control, as her legs shook she let out a moan I'm sure someone heard, and she came all over his hand, and tried to catch her breath. Satisfied with his accomplishment, he smiled, and smacked her *** real hard, and walked off to the back room to clock out for the morning. She looked over at me blew a kiss, and fixed her clothes, to get back to work.

Little bit more happened that day, but I will save that for next time.
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Damn I love her! She is am amazingly sexy woman. You are a hell of a lucky guy.