Yours Are Like A Gentle Wind

For friends who really know my weakness in behalf of my jolly and, well as some would say friendly facade, I do have some weakness and attitudes that I hope to be over looked or ignored at. I sometimes act sensitive at times or harsh with words. But I thank you for painstakingly explaining to me how you feel about my short comings and being patient with me. I really mean it. I sometimes know my limitations but sometimes emotions tries to be more evident. But thank you for your true kindness, your patience that goes with your good qualities as  friend. I am humbled.
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Well said Lady Ryan.

Oh KingofSword. . .thank you very much. I know you have a great heart. **smile**

Thank you Ma'am. So do you. It is a pleasure reading your stories.

aww, pls LR would be fine. teehee^^

Everyone of us is unique and amazing, we all have something we do better than any we know. We tend to have others follow us as our positive energy is like a good karma circle that engulfs us. Life is truly not about how many breaths we take, but how many times our breath is taken away. The best you can give to those who love us, is to be kind, patient and honest with ourselves.<br />
<br />
Be careful what you wish for, if you wish for nothing that's probably what you will get.

Thanks Sandra. Nice to be reminded of good thoughts when minds gets occupied by lots of things in daily life.

I like that title "Yours like a gentle wind" kind of says it all about a friend who is there beside you as you travel on.

**smile** Yes and also friends who gives me their patience when I act silly sometimes. oh my! Thank you for the input.

Whatever it is Friend is a person who knows all about you and yet remains friend

Thank you Dilfek. You're always a friend.

Great.. now next step ;)

I have overlooked all of your weaknesses cause I don't know of any yet. Thanks for the fair warning.

Thanks, I hope that didn't brought up something negatives. Thanks for reading.^-^

I'm the forever optimist. I always look on the bright side so no worries.

Friends are those who are there for you, and care about you. Everyone has shortcomings, and your friends love you despite (or maybe even because of) that.

Thank you Dragon. That's so nice of you to say.