Thank You For Believing In Me..

Being abused growing up, i ended up being so f***d up inside that my fears and inner scars turned me into a person admittedly hard to deal with. I was afraid of men, i wasn't very fond of people touching me and was (and unfortunately still am at some extent) quite distant. I ended up being a 24 year old virgin who had never even been kissed (lame, i know..)!
When i met my boyfriend i thought he was all talk and that he would ultimately give up on me like everyone else i'd met until then had done. But he didn't. He was patient and kind and never ever gave up on me. I admit that i've put him through some not that easy situations and he never even thought of leaving me. He's not perfect but at least he's always been there for me believing in me when everyone else, including myself, thought of me as a lost cause. He's been a true angel to me and today that it's his birthday, i just want to tell him:
Thank you my love, thank you for being you and for believing in me when no one else did!!
FinstereGasse FinstereGasse
26-30, F
Jun 1, 2013