The Hip 60's.

I wish I'd been a teenager in the 1960's. I love the fashion, the makeup and the hairstyles.

The music was great and there seemed to have been a certain innocence back in that era.
My parents have kept a lot of photo's and memorabilia from way back then, and I often go through it from time to time.

I realize there was a lot of upheaval and unrest going on politically regarding the Vietnam war.
May God rest their souls.

All the same though, the era of the 60's has always given me more of a positive feel due to a more casual and innocent way of life.

There were less rules and much more freedom to express oneself.

A toast to the 60's.

Kadie101 Kadie101
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3 things happened at once late 60s early 70s,,,,,,,,,,,,the mini skirt the pill and real rock music,plus the influence of LSD POT,and for the first time youth around the world had a common cause .......PEACE.............................loveins and festivals...........great time for sure

Thanks.....and Peace to you :)

I liked your story very much, and you are 100% right, there was much more freedom then. They fought tooth and nail for their freedom; they would not be told what they could or can do. They wanted to make love in the open, they did, and if a cop came around everyone would protect everyone. We have sheeple today, doing whatever the government tells them to do or think.

Thank was a naughty era......yet an innocent one. :)

I liked what I have seen from the 60's,the innocence,the free thinking,and some of the music too.I was very young during the 70's but I remember a lot of it.I have a vivid memory of driving around Long Beach Calif on New Years eve but not which year.It is just very memorable what I saw.I remember a lot of the music and still listen to it as well.I wish I had been a teenager or young adult during the 70's,would have enjoyed those times.
Thanks for this story.

Your welcome :)