The 80s Was The Best Year Ever!

Everything about the 80s was fun. Even though most of the movies back then are corny now, with cheap special effects that was the uprising of scary and social misfit movies. Some of my favorite movies back then...The Dark Crystal, Just One of the Guys, Fast Times at Ridgemont (great soundtrack), The Wiz (Favorite part- MJ- You can't win), Breaking Boogaloo (1-3), Starman, 30 seconds in Heaven (Does anyone remember this one?), Footloose, Sweet Sixteen, and the list goes on and on. And the music...the music...definitely had an original sound you could groove to just about anything that came out back or white music, it was all decent. If I went into the music I would have to write a 30-40 research I won't go there! The only thing that wasn't cute about the 80s was the clothes. Bright and Baby pink colors (okay, just about all the colors of the rainbow), leg warmers (what the heck was that about?), the shorts (the shortest I've ever seen yet. felt sorry for the boys in gym class because their junk always gave an appearance and stuck to the gym floor), British Knight Sneakers, LA Gears, Sweat bands (plain dumb, nobody was sweating that dang much), knee high socks with the strips( why were they so high> Why?), big hair (thanks to the unisex 80's hair bands), banana clips, jeri curls, slack with the sweater tied around the shoulder (preppy boy look), just to name a few! I will never forget this Era! Just ended to abruptly thanks to drugs, aids, and boy groups....LOL!
Misspurple Misspurple
31-35, F
May 14, 2012