Help For 60's 70's 80's Advertising Idea


  I am an advertising college student and I am doing a billboard for an oldies radio station. I am having trouble because my teacher keeps telling me the ideas I have are going to make people feel old. Can any one offer any suggestions, ideas, concepts, any association with oldies music, oldies radio station in connection with music from the 60-80's? I am trying to instill loyalty and make people have a connection with their past, thanks!!!!!!!



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Maybe I didn't quite address your question, come to think of it, but I hope it helps anyway. :)<br />
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Again, Good luck!!

Maybe you could have a quaint old picture of an attractive person dressed in the style of those decades, and then an (extremely contrasting) picture of a person in today's style. Make sure they're both young, maybe Pop Star type people, so you don't infuse the YouAreAnOldGrannyNow,HaHaHa idea that your teacher is so worried about. And then, with those pictures, say something like, "You ever want to go back? Tune to 98.1 The Rainbow!" Or whatever your station is.<br />
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Good luck!