So Many Memories

Ah, the 90's. OJ Simpson, Gun's n' Roses. Grunge Music, Rodney King. Madonna's Vogue, Ice Ice Baby, Sagging my pants, then switching over to flannel. Dollar theaters, Middle and High School. My high school football team going 0-10 for all 5 years straight. Mambo number 5. Step by Step, Home Improvment, Clarissa Explains it All, Boy meets World. Wayne's World, Interview with a Vampire, Titanic. The first 3 years of San Jose Sharks Hockey. My first kiss. These are the main ever lasting memories of this lost decade. Sometimes I want to relive it, and most day's I do not. With out them I wouldn't be who I am. 
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Clarissa Exlains it All! I was just talking about that show maybe a few months ago and my coworkers had no idea what I was talking about. I love the guitar sound that's played every time Sam climbs through her window....I may have had a minor crush on him at one point in time. The Secret World Of Alex Mack was a good one too, I once had a photo autographed by Larisa Oleynik :)