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I love the way an acoustic guitar sounds I would love to learn how to play it myself.  Any volunteers to show me how :)?

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I hope you do something about it and get some playing done. I've never taken private lessons, it all comes from like dwlongblo suggested. That and a few dvd lessons. I love acoustic covers :)

The acoustic guitar is a pretty difficult instrument to get going. Unlike an electric, the strings have to be pushed down a lot harder to come out clear without fret buzzing. Especially with barre chords... I taught guitar when i was younger, and I noticed that most students took about 3-6 months of practice before they could get barre chords out. <br />
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Don't get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting you choose electric instead, or give up entirely. Acoustic is beautiful in every way. It just takes a while to get going. I had a lot of students give up early on due to frustration with their performance. Now i tell people who are getting started to try to enjoy the buzzing; to keep strumming even if the fretting hand falls behind on the chords, and to enjoy the often dissonant sounds from the partial chords that havent been fully formed yet. Its a long process, and a great experience, and now i truly enjoy hearing and watching peoples flawed performances slowly improve over time.<br />
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I guess the number one thing to keep in mind is that you have to enjoy the trip; you cant rush proficiency, and you will be missing some basics later on if you try to. Just try to enjoy the harsh, clanky sounds coming out as you slowly watch them evolve into something beautiful and elegant.

Thanks, no songs in particular just learning in general.

Fazer- Yeah I have a guitar, no I don't know except for a couple of cords, I might check out some books on it. Thank you for commenting:).<br />
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Blue- That's a good suggestion, to get lessons at least to get me started, thank you :).

Tender heart. I would recommend you go and take a few lessons to begin with.<br />
They are about 20 bucks an hour.<br />
I took two lessons and that was enough to get me started.

Edgy thank you for sharing. You've been playing for awhile I bet you can play well :). I imagine it is stressful playing in front of a group. My little brother can play the guitar and sometimes we'd be in the same room and he'd start strumming his guitar. It's very relaxing.

Thank you I'll have to check that out :).

If you have a guitar, and want to learn to play it, try<br />
It has the chords for thousands of songs, and if you "mouse-over" the chords, it gives a fingering diagram for each. I've played for a long time (never that well, but it's still fun) and use it all the time for learning new songs. Good luck!