Yeah - I Play

I was 16 years old when I got my first guitar.  I tried and tried to play & eventually learned to pick a few tunes.  The first song I ever learned was NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE by Neil Young... My very tallented and patient friend taught me. 

I was such a Hippie Wanna Be back then, remembering skipping school, going down to the lakewith our moccasins on, guitar in tote and doobies in hand to play and sing to our hearts content....   Wonderful memories.

To this day - I cannot get enough of the acoustic guitar..  My songs are now more Praise and Worship in nature, but the effect is still the same..  Beautiful Bliss.

DrewBerry DrewBerry 46-50, F 15 Responses Mar 30, 2008

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haha - those were the most important things Gray... besides the strings and harmonies.


Yeah skipperbill.. I love remembering this time.

bcj - thanks, I was upset at myself. you know i think the world of you - MWAH!!

love you still, my angel.


Bless your heart Drew, I wast almost 15 again. Thanx

Never my intent to imply that bcj! Truly - you've never been anything but a PERFECT GENTLEMAN....

I didn't mean to use such an offensive word. We use it as a more gentle smooth talker type meaning here. It's not what the urban myth dictionary says.

~ lost in translation ~

urban dictionary says that

schmoozer is a smooth talker with the intent to get in you pants.

milady. i don't know how to lie or be insincere. i looked at your profile over the past (almost) year and you are indeed a beautiful human being, definitely on the inside and, from your pics, on the outside as well.

i am no stalker and i live on another continent and, God willing, I shall meet you and many ep friends someday



Schmoozer is a smooth talker.. a sweet talker with just a hint of insincerity; though I only tongue and cheek accuse your of being insincere. This is because, you couldn't possibly be SERIOUS..

~ nah ~

hey - schmoozer is a ****** human being!!!



help guys.

"schmoozer" - is this a good thing. Remember, I am an alien.

To Drew- Sings - " I've got you ... under my skin. I 've got you.... deep in the heart of me...... "

hehehe- Am I on the right track.


PAALEEASE bcj... You're the best damn schmoozer on EP.

I love you man!!

florence nightingale that can sing too?

Tennessee is truly blessed.




Thanks Faucon... I'll check it out.

Oh .. I am all confused

I thought you had to rewrite an old story to see if you had changed


Tis true Tas.... find one without a story...

but thanks for reviving this old shoe.


Ok drew .. here's your story!!