Never Judge A Book By It Cover .... Deathnote

ok so i was in grade 8 and we had to read manga for are book report for that month and like always i am the last one to pick my book and there is one book left on the book case so from afar it look like there was a robot on it so i picked up the and read the back and it sounded really good and then when i got home i read it and that night i was done reading it and then i when and look up the anime and started watching it i am soo gald that read it because if i never did i would not be in to anime and manga and would have not found my art style by the way i love art my fav charater is L he is just soo odd that it is neat from you death note fan kayla

ps lol sorry i had a lot of spelling problems i could n't spell any today i know one word in the title is spelled wrong sorry
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A robot?? There are no robots in death note.