Frantic Lust

Once that **** is in my *****, it feels like a relief, and then there is the building up to an ******. But before that moment when his **** is buried balls-deep, there is the groping, the furtive glances, the passionate kisses, and the teasing. And then there is the "falling in love" phase of a relationship, when hormones are bubbling and surging. I'm in a frenzy and the aches and heat that come when I see or think of him -- that's an addictive rush.

And when you are about to **** -- it's almost like a battle! The fight to get clothing off, the desperation to figure out who's on top, who's on bottom, what's the first act? Oral? **** in *****? Or is it slow and sweet, letting the anticipation boil up slowly. Nah, I prefer the explosive attack, all edges, all jagged feelings, all desire and hormones and lust!
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7 Responses Jul 18, 2010

encounteru, depends on the person. many relationships do climax at the start and then it's a denoument after -- whether long or short, it's downhill. i've only experienced a small number of relationships that escalated higher in terms of lust as they went on, and i feel lucky to have had them!

sunshineofyourlove, i actually contemplated writing nothing but the title! ;)

Usually the first time is frenzied and may be that way for a short while til things become more leisurely. Then those slow yet escalating teases can be employed, til your hips undulate for more...then it's time.

nautiboater, addiction is different from craving ... ;)

crisean, thank you! glad you've enjoyed this, and i hope you enjoy others enough to comment on those, too.

I confess:) guess I'm an addict too:)

pran, becoming addicted to sex is a difficult thing ... and i've become addicted to a particular person. not always best for one's sex life, but fulfilling in its own way!