Prolonged Pleasure

Eagerly anticipating this night,
I need you so desperately,
a reprieve from a week's worth of tension.
The minutes passing at a tedious pace,
yet I bask in the expectation of what's to come.
We'll tuck the kids snugly into bed,
make ourselves a drink,
letting the rest of the world fade away.
Leaving just you and I,
our love, our lust so utterly entwined,
conquering and consuming us wholly.
Standing electrifyingly close,
the tickle of your balmy breath as you whisper in my ear.
A gentle, carefully placed kiss,
lips lingering in the hallow of my slender neck,
sending shivers of fervent longing deep into my core.
Hands, rough and tender begin touching,
meandering amongst the familiar curves and crevices of my body.
Urgency now permeating your kiss,
lips and tongue ravenous and unquenchable.
Woozy, under the influence of your touch,
 a defenseless creature at your mercy.
Trembling, waiting, and wanting.
Burning, aching, and longing,
breathlessly awaiting this night.
LG76 LG76
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 16, 2012

me too

Beautifully written, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Keep going along these lines and I'll end up falling for you myself! xo

Beautifuly intoxicating. You make the nights after the kids go to bed so erotic. I Wish it happened every night. Are the kids in bed yet? mine will be in 15 minutes