Amazingly On The Same Wavelength

I found this artist on Facebook and I can't believe some of the themes of most of his work. It's like he read my mind on what I like and who I am!

Women with white hair, island scenes, creepy/scary things, outer space and cats!

Kittychanel Kittychanel
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

What dream? The American dream? In that case no :(
He has stuff on Ebay but I think they cost a pretty penny(over 100 dollahs is a lot to me). I AM on earth. I came here a long time ago and I hope this my last incarnation :P

Your tired of the ride then? I am to. The way out is in they say. The reason I asked is that you seem to have a kind of celestial overtone to your resonance that hovers around you at the level of dream. I may just be picking up interference from the art or perhaps looking through and into you is confusing me, these things are open for interpretation you know.

Be careful!

By dream i just meant, the creative pathing in you. But you seem to have a way of reading others and there is a certain reflective property about you. Perhaps that property is making a kind of feed back loop. Maybe I am just supremely full of **** and making all this up. What would I find if I peeked behind the curtain to see the Wizard of Oz? Are you the little creatures in the labyrinth turning the plates around on me as I pass through? Or are you the labyrinth itself? (hears x-files music)

Kinda cool, wouldn't mind having that set enlarged on my bedroom wall. Are you a space kitty? What does it take to summon you down to earth? Or do you prefer staying in flight? Do you dream the dream or does it dream you?