Ron Krajewski, Talented Artist

I would recommend anyone out there who appreciates beautiful artwork involving animals to Google Ron Krajewski.   It's a treat just to browse his website and see his work.   

He is the one who created the Irish Setter I use as my logo.  My dog has the same sweet face, even though my dog is a cross between a Welsh Springer Spaniel and an Irish Setter.

 I was able to find the image on Google images, but I would like to give credit to this artist.  When I have some money to spare, I'll ask him to do a special water color of my own dear dog. 

There is another man by the same name on Facebook, but he is not the artist. 

Thought some of you would like to know.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I'm glad that someone is posting an alternative to Ron Krajewski.... My personal experience is that he is very self serving and sinister, don't get too close! I would never get mixed up with him where money is concerned.

iv just had a look great arent they,i have always wanted oil paintings of my children and my adorable dog but cost gets in the way,but when my oldest got married she discovered a site called photobox that does prints and acrylic pictures from your photos for reasonable prices,i now have a print of my four children stood together under an autumn tree on michelles wedding day,and a picture of my boy,the dog in my profile pic,standing in amongst some bluebells and i am really happy with them,its a great option for people who want to have pictures on their walls of their loved ones