am i the only woman here? please, say it isn't so
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Latecomer but here

No you're not the only woman here!<br />
OMG, the mind ****, when done well, is beyond incredible and simply makes the later physical contact so much more heightened and more intense in ways that I genuinely struggle to describe. I consider myself the luckiest woman alive that I am with a man who can get inside my head with one spoken look...actually get to the core of me without even touching me.

lol good for you!

You're not the only one. My husband has become quite an expert at this and I love it! And him. He takes me so deep mentally that anything physical is icing on the cake. And my ******* are oh so powerful. What we do is more than "talking dirty" ... it's mindfucking in the purest sense. Sometimes he mind ***** me for hours by texting from work so when he gets home I'm not only naked and wet, I'm ready for him to take me physically!! It is sooooooo wonderful.