We all know right from wrong. I know right from wrong. But sometimes wrong is good . . . . . . . sometimes.

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6 Responses Nov 16, 2011

Sometimes Bad Girls go no where. It's like a **** freezing up, or a plane stalling, nothing like a **** in need, at least 7 years worth of NEED. then being bad is so very relative ;)

Awesome song...one that gets a lot of play on my iPod. I don't worry about things not being fun just because I've given myself permission. That's the joy of being a ****, dirty girls can always get told what bad girls they are if they need to hear it;)

I think you'd only have to worry about the fun stopping if you let it.

I'm with Sie. Barring activities that are illegal or would cause permanant physcial damage, wrong can be very right between two consenting adults. <br />
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Who doesn't love Depeche Mode?

Sometimes it all depends on who you check with for the definitions of what's right or wrong......Sometimes, ya just have to "write" your own rules and enjoy them. If it won't put you in physical danger or behind bars....chances are good.....ya can relabel the "wrong" a "right" and just go ahead and have some fun with it!! :D<br />
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I LOVE this song!!

Sounds like it also might be a lot of fun too :-D