A dim room... where the sunlight barely passes through the doors. Faerie walks tentatively on the polished reddish brick floors leading to a rectangular shaped room. Faerie eyes outlining the silhouettes cast before me. They lined up the walls, each with a tag identifying their origins, their scent, their taste. My lips partly opens, admiring the gorgeous line up. The owner, a vivacious large woman, said faerie can try all of them, pair them up even. She said I can take my time. She said I can simply enjoy.

I bit my lower lip.

They come in different sizes and each of their character carried me to heights. Each one I have tasted. Each one I have enjoyed... teasing my senses... leaving me with words I, myself am surprised to hear... as I continued dipping faeriefinger on each one... arousing my curiosity even more. The pairing up is spectacular, a trio is sensational. Seeing as they don't intend to mix... but faerie swirls around... and the result is orgasmic.

I settled with a pair, a large and a medium. The large, the first one I asked for... the medium, the fifth one. I remember their sequence, their manner in tickling my senses. She gave me a free small one, too. She said that soon she'll have extra large ones available. 

I can't wait.

Tuscan Herb. 
Organic Basil. 
Champagne Wine Vinegar.

The spurred imagination is worth the stimulation. ;)


Sylphy Sylphy
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You provided a wonderful retreat in this story to the world of the senses- and the "conclusion" is perfect- enjoy the continued explorations :-)....and I, too, adore different vinegars- one of my favorite things to do is an oh so easy Balsamic reduction- so sweet- try it on meat, ice cream, or dipping strawberries (when they come in season...) and by the additions of different flavor when doing the reduction, so many different subtle and wonderful pairings and trios may be found....**drooling*** must finish baking right now, then maybe tomorrow a reduction sauce.....got me thinking!

There were a lot to choose from. I was fascinated with the raspberry. Then there's cocoa... and even espresso! Espresso! Which makes total sense because they come from beans. She said it's highly recommended for ice cream and cake. Even to simply drizzle over.

Thank you, Dinah... this is teasing erotica and when I was there, I was reminded of that CSI show where you eat in total darkness... and simply savour the food with your senses.

hmmmmm mixing sex and food ( laughing a bit here...gently though...).....and it works so well.....yup...savouring in the darkness is always a great way to focus on the senses...the turning of the eye/focus inwards.....

I have had a raspberry flavored one, but not espresso.....interesting..I shall have to look for that. many thanks for the heads up. Always up to try something new, and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.... Be wary, btw, of the champagne wine vinegar- short shelf life after opening- keeping in the refrigerator helps buy a little bit of time ( I have often found, however, that none was necessary..- that stuff is a weakness of mine)... time for a splurge.... :-)

How strange for a vinegar to have a short shelf life. And they use vinegar to preserve.
I only got the li'l one for that... but it is damn good for something that's small! ;)

Thank you for the rates, folks. And thank you for thank yous. =)

And thank you again for the thank you...

Nothing quite like a good foodgasm

*dabs Tuscan oil on your cheeks*