Feeling Sentimental Today

My Mum is in a Care Home and my sister and I had to declutter her house a little last week. Many of her ornaments and trinkets brought back happy memories for us and there were photographs and newspaper cuttings we had never seen before.
It was a strange feeling sorting through Mum's belongings but quite heartwarming also.Mum has kept many of the Birthday and Anniversary cards we have sent her over the last few years and letters and postcards.She has even kept the cards we sent with bouquets.My Mum would not appear to be a sentimental person and my sister was very surprised she had kept anything, although I knew she was deep down inside.She has always been so reserved and afraid to show her emotions,and if we hug she doesnt hug us back.There was a letter my brother wrote when he was about 12 and went away from home with school for the first time.It was so sweet and made me want to cry as its the first time I have ever seen it.All the notes I sent with photos of my children were there and all the cards my Dad had sent her the last few years before he died.
The trouble is that now I have them I can't throw them away as they mean so much to me.
My Mum's generation were not as demonstrative as we are these days,but we always knew we were loved.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

When you are loved,you know it! this was a sweet story,please keep everything,it is all too precious,it is the story of a lifetime,it is wonderful revelations.Take care.

I have boxes of this type of thing. Every time we move house I think they will have to go. However last time I looked through a birthday card signed by my grandmother saved it. She died in 1987. But her handwriting brought her right back.