I was first curious about this band, but when I saw the video of them " Ov Fire And The Void" I said "They are awesome!!" So creepy yay, I like creepie,especially how he  sings with a  deep voice. I also like the songs "Lucifer "and "conquer all"

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Ughh men...It's not worth it -_-

catch me if you can

and your dark side is too light for me

Ughhh! Wait until I get my hands on you!!!!!!

probably rly chewy too

Was that a compliment or are you trying to get into my dark side? -_-

i wouldnt eat you, youre probably poisonous

Eeeeeek! Why did u growl? Don't eat me!!! DX


lol, strange for a guy to say, I guess ur not one at all XD


no, i didnt like what they did to her, i just liked how trippy and creepy the vid was. im not some sexist women hater

Cool, but figures liked what they did to woman right?

thats the same vid that got me listening to them lol