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Some Nights (intro) Premieres On IFC

Some Nights (Intro) music video just premiered today in IFC. It has a soiree-feel and some of their family members have a cameo!

There, we are also given insights on how the band makes music. Apparently, they sometimes try to capture the feeling in certain movie scenes, such as "Eyes Wide Shut" and "The Shining".

They also by the way have Revel and Riot as their official spring tour charity.

They stated in their email to fans that :"fun. believes in justice and equality for all people. That's why LGBT rights organization Revel and Riot will be the official charity partner of the spring tour. Revel and Riot will at every show passing out educational material to raise awareness about homophobia, transphobia and the issue of LGBT civil rights."

I love fun.

Here's a picture from the video:
mareliberum mareliberum 26-30 Feb 21, 2012

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