I attended one of their concerts recently and my ears were ringing for at least a day after it. They played their new album, then some of their old songs. Inis Mona and A Rose for Epona were their most notable performances. Wintersun and Varg were great as well, but it seems like the balance is always off at a metal concert. I've never been to a concert that wasn't a metal concert, so I don't know if it's just metal concerts. Either way, there were times when you couldn't hear the vocals or the hurdy gurdy or the flute. Those melodies are probably the most important part of Eluveitie's songs. Nonetheless it was still an amazing concert.
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Lucky you >.<
I'd imagine it's quite hard to balance the sound of the two different types of instruments, pickups and microphones for the acoustic and vocals, and then the electric guitars. But yeah, jealous much :L