The Band That Got Me Through Bad Times And Was Always There For Me.

Ever since 2007 (I was 7 years old) I have been listening to my most favorite band,flyleaf. It all started when I got my first mp3 player. I looked in the music video section and there was one video. All around me by flyleaf. I watched the video and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was as if I found my happy place. It was the greatest song I ever heared. I would always listen to that song and I still do. Later that day my mom told me that I can get as many sons as I want. I refused. Later that day I dropped my mp3 player and it broke. We then wounding back to get a new mp3 player. But I was not happy. I asked irich can go to target,so we did. I went to the music area and asked for flyleafs CD. It was the limited addition bonus CD with speacial tracks and acoustic versions of the songs. I got the CD and put all the songs onto my mp3.i would listen to it day and night never stopping. I have owned ever song that they have made so far. Months passed and as I was browsing on the computer I found out on their website a new CD was coming out called memento mori that Sam day I was the first one to buy the CD. I had now owned all the songs again including copies of songs never released on CD. I then upgraded to an iPod and got a bunch of other songs. But they had nothing on me.flyleaf just seemed to make me happy. I have never ever been to a flyleaf concert. I cry all the time when they have a new one that I cant come to. It would mean the world to me. But even if my dream can't come will someday...I know it. A year passed and I was older and a new CD came out. I was so excited I almost cried. After I got the CD I would intend tout day and dayon the car ride or even at school secretly. I still do. I now have 20 flyleaf posters in my room. If I ever had an inspiration it would be flyleaf because they have been with me and i have been with them ever since the start. People all around the world, I just want you to know. If you ever feel savor have bad days. Find that band or person that you enjoy...and prepare to have your life changed. I am now 12,have every song and CD, every interview on DVD,20 posters,and more. I am not just a fan...I'm probably flyleafs number 1 fan. Since the start. With memories that we will never will always have room in my heart for ever. Until the end. <3
Bbilly0301 Bbilly0301
May 14, 2012